Latrobe Health has donated $10,000 to the Celebrate Her! Books program which will be directed to Manna Gum Community House for their outreach program ‘The Hub’. 

Celebrate Her! held a closing party on Sunday following a successful 12-month-long project profiling extraordinary South Gippsland women. 

Latrobe Health CEO, Ian Whitehead, attended the closing event, announcing the $10,000 donation. 

“Funds from our donation will go to ‘The Hub’ helping women and children from the Corner Inlet region in Gippsland,” said Mr Whitehead. 

“I was impressed by the Celebrate Her! project, which saw more than 20 women profiled in a fabulous book and sold across the region. 

“The 12-month project aimed to shine a light on some of the extraordinary women that call South Gippsland home.” 

The Stories of South Gippsland Women “Celebrate Her!” feature women who’s contributions to the community vary from agriculture, farming, the arts, medicine, public service, foster parenting, carpentry, emergency services, and much more.  

As a not-for-profit health insurer, Latrobe Health supports the community and members in a variety of ways. In December 2022, Latrobe Health returned $5.3m to members as part of it’s give back.  

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