Make changes to your membership details, update payment details, change level of cover, and make credit card payments online.

Access the member login area, or follow these three easy steps to set up your online member profile.

Step 1: Register

Register and complete your details, then press ‘submit’ to get your unique activation code sent to you.

Note: If you haven't yet supplied Latrobe with an email address, then your activation code will be sent to you by post. If you prefer us to communicate with you electronically, please call Latrobe's Member Service Centre on 1300 362 144 to update your email address on your policy.

Step 2: Activate

Once you've received your activation code, jump into the member login area and click on "Activate Member Services".

Step 3: Login

You're done! You can now log into your member profile from any web browser and access and manage your membership online.

What happens if my activation code expires?

Your member login code has a 30 day expiry, so make sure you log on as soon as you can.

If your activation code has expired, there are a couple of ways you can get a new one;

  1. Register for your member login again, or
  2. Call our Member Service Centre and request a new activation code to be sent to you.

The quickest way for you to receive your activation code is to have provided Latrobe with your email address, so If you haven't already and would like to, please call our Member Service Centre on 1300 362 144 and advise our staff before requesting a new activation code using the above methods.