Our Member Service Centre is available to help you compare and determine the best level of extras cover to match your needs. You can also talk to them about comparing your hospital cover.

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What is covered?
General dental + mouth guard [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Major dental Accident [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Orthodontics [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Optical (including spectacles & contact lenses) [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Physiotherapy + Osteopathy [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Chiropractic [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Acupuncture + Myotherapy  [no] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Exercise Physiology [no] [yes] [yes] [no] [yes] [yes]
Chinese medicine [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Massage (remedial and therapeutic) [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Psychology [no] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Nutrition and Dietitian [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Audiology [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Eye therapy (ophthalmology) [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [no]
Occupational therapy [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [no]
Speech Therapies [no] [yes] [no] [yes] [yes] [no]
Podiatry consultations [yes] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Podiatry services  [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Orthotics [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Pharmacy prescriptions1 [yes] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
HPV Vaccines [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Travel Vaccines [yes] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Travel for outpatient appointments [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Antenatal and postnatal classes [no] [yes] [no] [no] [yes] [no]
Pregnancy compression garments [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no]
Breastfeeding fees (Australian Breastfeeding Association) [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no]
Child sleep school [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no]
Crutches, brace,splint + cam boot [no] [yes] [yes] [no] [yes] [yes]
Asthma spacers [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Peak flow meters [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Wheelchair [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Blood glucose monitors [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Hearing aids [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
TENS Machine [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Nebulisers, air compressor pumps [no] [yes] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Medical gases [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no]
C-PAP machine [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Lymphoedema garments [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no] [no]
Prostheses (non-surgically implanted) [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no] [no]
Visiting nurse [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no] [no]
Health screenings [no] [no] [no] [yes] [no] [no]
QUIT smoking course [no] [no] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Loyalty bonus [no] [yes] [yes] [no] [yes] [yes]
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  • Benefits are payable for services rendered by Latrobe Health Services approved providers registered with Latrobe Health Services.
  • Benefits paid on dental item numbers only, unless hospital cover is held and all waits have been served for any inpatient services.
  • 1Prescriptions not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), excluding contraceptives and items normally available without a prescription and drugs not approved for sale in Australia. A co-payment applies to each prescription item equal to the current PBS General Patient Contribution.
[yes] Covered
Benefits will be paid for this service
[no] Excluded
If a service is an excluded benefit, this means that the service won't be covered by your health insurance policy, meaning we won’t pay a benefit towards these services.