Hospital eligibility checking

The material contained on Latrobe’s Hospital Eligibility website is provided for hospital eligibility checking purposes only. Hospital Eligibility checking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for scheduled maintenance (typically conducted on Sundays). The eligibility check will provide information according to the data that you submitted, taking into account (but not limited to) the expected admission date, financial status of the member, joining date and level of cover. The system will also indicate whether or not an excess or co-payment applies to the membership’s current cover and, if so, the total excess/co-payment amount applicable

It is essential that only one member/dependant at Latrobe is identified- this requires matching sufficient information to identify a person and to exclude other persons with the same names and birth date on the same or other memberships.

There are many complex scenarios around hospital cover and eligibility and not all lend themselves to automated processing. Even when the overall indication is that the patient is eligible, the whole of the response must be read carefully to discern if any special conditions and even exclusions may apply. Be aware that members may change their cover after the check and prior to the expected admission date.

If assistance with membership, product information, or any other fund related issue is required, please contact Latrobe directly. If you require technical assistance with accessing the website, please direct the request to your technical support organisation in the first instance.