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Why are mouthguards so important

A mouthguard’s main job is to protect teeth from being damaged. Mouthguards help reduce instances of, broken, or chipped teeth, fractured crowns, root damage and bridgework, saving you from a trip to the dentist or even worse, hospital.

Why choose Latrobe


Member satisfaction

Here at Latrobe Health, we take member satisfaction seriously. We're always working to improve what we do, for our member.


Low premiums

We work hard to keep our premiums low. We're also proud to invest in our members and community.


Easy switching

When you switch to Latrobe, we recognise any waits you've served with your previous fund and will do the paperwork for you.


Not for profit

We're here for our members, not to make profits. Around 90c in every dollar we receive is used to pay our members' claims.