Given the challenges resulting from the Coronavirus crisis, Latrobe Health Services has minimised all manual correspondence, including;

  • Cheque payments – all payments will be made from Latrobe Health Services by direct credit
  • Cheque refunds – must be paid to Latrobe Health Services by direct credit
  • Assessment / remittance advices - are only being sent via email
  • Manual paper claims – we encourage Eclipse transmission of all hospital claims where at all possible


Direct Credit Authorisation

Latrobe encourages all hospital provider payments to be through direct credit arrangements.

It is anticipated that cheque payments will be ceased in the near future.
Please download, complete and submit a Direct Credit Authorisation Form to Latrobe's Hospital Claim Department at

Latrobe is a member of the Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG) who manage hospital contracts on our behalf.

Hospital Provider Forms and Certificates:

National Private Patient Hospital Claim Form
Download, complete and submit this form with every hospital claim. It must be signed by the Latrobe member and authorised hospital person.

Psychiatric Certificate
Download, complete and submit this certificate with every psychiatric claim.

Rehabilitation Admission and Discharge Certificate
Download, complete and submit this certificate with every rehabilitation admission and discharge claim.

Acute Care Certificate
Download, complete and submit this certificate for all claims that have an episode in excess of 35 days and for every 30 day period thereafter.

Pre Existing Medical Certificate
Download, complete and submit this certificate if the member has not served waiting periods before cover can be confirmed. It must be completed by the member's GP and specialist.

ARHG Critical Care Classification Criteria Guidelines and Critical Care Certificate
All critical care claims must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines above. As governed by the HPPA the Critical Care Certificate must be submitted with the hospital claim.

Exceptional Drug Funding (EDF) Request Form
In accordance with the HPPA any valid requests for Exceptional Drug Funding must be submitted using the EDF Request Form.

Participating Private Hospitals
Click the link to find and download the publication list of Latrobe's participating private hospitals.

Latrobe through ARHG have a well established Supported Discharge Program (SDP).

SDP is designed to provide short term assistance and support while patients recuperate from their recent illness. This enables the hospital to seek funding from the patient’s health fund through ARHG and arrange for these services to start once the patient gets home.

It is important to note that the SDP is not an automatic entitlement. Each case is considered on an individual basis, according to the information provided by the member, the referring health service provider and the medical practitioner involved and must replace in-hospital bed days. Assistance and support may be provided in a range of areas including:

  • Home based nursing care
  • Home Care / Personal Care / General self care / Child Care
  • Household mangement
  • Home based Rehabilitation / Home based respite care
  • Residential Convalescent care in a registered Supported Residential Service
  • Service coordination and support
  • Provision of specialised equipment (not including routine aids such as frames and crutches)

Hospital claim and HCP data enquiries

All hospital claims enquiries should be directed to Latrobe's Hospital Claim Department at

All HCP data enquiries should be directed to Wendy Gill, HCP Coordinator at