Waiting periods

You are covered immediately for treatment required as a result of an accident that occurs after you join Latrobe. For all other treatments or services, you must serve a waiting period. This is a specified time you must wait after joining before you can claim benefits under your hospital or extras cover. These waiting periods apply to new members starting private health cover and to existing members upgrading their cover.

12 months waiting period applies to: pre-existing conditions (excluding psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care), major dental and orthodontic treatment, optical, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, compressor pumps and nebulisers, hearing aids, C-PAP machines, TENS machines and non-surgically implanted prostheses.

12 months waiting period also applies to: pregnancy related conditions. The expected delivery date must be after the completion of a 12 month waiting period. Written confirmation of expected delivery date is required from the treating obstetrician.

3 months: general dental treatment, mouthguards

2 months: all other services

Transferring from another fund

You receive continuity of cover for the entitlements you had with your previous fund when:

  1. You transfer within 30 days of expiry with the other fund, and
  2. You have served the required waiting periods with the other fund. If you've served part but not all of the waiting periods, you must serve the remaining period with Latrobe before you are eligible to claim, and
  3. The cover you take with Latrobe is not an upgrade of the cover you had with the other fund.

When you transfer to Latrobe and also upgrade your cover, you are entitled to the lower benefits paid by the previous fund or Latrobe's closest approximate table, until relevant waiting periods are completed.

Upgrade of cover

This is any change in cover that entitles you to receive higher benefits. Higher benefits include a higher rebate for a particular service, cover for services not included in your previous level of cover, changing to a hospital cover with a lower, or no, excess.