How to make a claim on extras

All you need to know about claiming on extras

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How do I submit a claim?

Submitting a claim is fast and easy with the new online account. Simply upload a pdf or photo of the provider invoice or receipt. Photos or files must be clear and show: 

  • healthcare provider's letterhead which includes their name, ABN, address and contact details 
  • the invoice date 
  • patient’s full name 
  • a description or recognised item number for each treatment 
  • amount charged for each treatment 
  • date of each treatment 
  • amount you paid. 


Before submitting your claim, check you have provided all the required details, otherwise your claim may be delayed. Keep your original receipts for 6 months. 

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Why am I receiving an error when I try to upload documents for a claim?

You can’t upload documents if: 

  • the combined size of your documents exceeds our limit of 20MB. Try and resize some of your documents and try again. 
  • your file is in the wrong format – it needs to be a doc, docx, gif, jpg/jpeg, pdf or png. 
  • it takes longer than two minutes to upload your files – check the speed of your connection. 

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Why can’t I see my most recent claim in my claims history?

A claim does not appear in your claims history immediately after you submit it. It will appear as pending’ when we start to assess it. When our assessment is complete, the status will change to ‘processed.  

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What does the claim status ‘processed’ mean?

‘Processed’ means that we have assessed your claim against your policy coverage. This may result in us paying: 

  • part of the benefit if your limit has been met 
  • nothing if the limit was previously met 
  • nothing because the claim does not meet one of our claiming terms and conditions (if so, we’ll email you an explanation). 

If you are entitled to a benefit, it should be in your bank account the next business day after it is processed.  You will need to have your bank account details linked to your account for your benefits to be paid. You can update your account details in the online account.   

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Can I make a claim on behalf of another person on the policy?

Yes, you can claim on behalf of another person on your policy. You will need to submit the documents required. We will be able to see the patient’s name and process the claim. 

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How can I delete a claim I’ve submitted?

You can’t delete a claim from the online account once it has been submitted. If you would like to withdraw a claim before it is processed, please call us on 1300 362 144. 

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Will I still be able to see my previous claims?

Yes, the new online account shows all your claims from the last three years, regardless of how you submitted them. 

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Can people on my policy see my claims?

Claims made via the online account can be seen by all people covered by the policy. If you would like your information kept private, you need to call us on 1300 362 144