Our Member Service Centre is available to help you compare and determine the best level of hospital cover to match your needs. You can also talk to them about comparing extras.

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What you’re covered for
Rehabilitation [restricted] [restricted] [restricted] [restricted] [yes]
Hospital psychiatric services [restricted] [restricted] [restricted] [restricted] [restricted]
Palliative care [restricted] [restricted] [restricted] [restricted] [yes]
Brain and nervous system [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Eye (not cataracts) [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Ear, nose and throat [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Tonsils, adenoids and grommets [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Bone, joint and muscle [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Joint reconstructions [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Kidney and bladder [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Male reproductive system [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Digestive system [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Hernia and appendix [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Gastrointestinal endoscopy [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Gynaecology [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Miscarriage and termination of pregnancy [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Pain management [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Skin [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Breast surgery (medically necessary) [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Diabetes management (excluding insulin pumps) [restricted] [yes] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Dental surgery [restricted] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Lung and chest [restricted] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Blood [restricted] [no] [yes] [yes] [yes]
Heart and vascular system [restricted] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Back, neck and spine [restricted] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Plastic and reconstructive surgery (medically necessary) [restricted] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Podiatric surgery (provided by a registered podiatric surgeon) [restricted] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Implantation of hearing devices [restricted] [no] [no] [yes] [yes]
Cataracts [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [yes]
Joint replacements [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [yes]
Dialysis for chronic kidney failure [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [yes]
Insulin pumps [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [yes]
Pain management with device [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [yes]
Sleep studies [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [yes]
Pregnancy and birth [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [no]
Assisted reproductive services [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [no]
Weight loss surgery [restricted] [no] [no] [no] [no]
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 Important: waiting periods and limited benefits may apply

[yes] Covered
Benefits will be paid for this service
[restricted] Restricted
Restricted services in a private hospital
[no] Excluded
If a service is an excluded benefit, this means that the service won't be covered by your health insurance policy, meaning we won’t pay a benefit towards these services.