per week.

‚Äč*Price quoted is for Single cover, and includes an Australian Government Rebate of 24.608% with a 0% Lifetime Health Cover Loading.

^Please Note: Rates may vary based on the state or territory you live in.

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Premier Families Extras

The top level of extras cover for the widest range of services to support most situations a growing and active family may face.


All the standard extras, such as general and major dental, and allied health services, plus

  • 2 free dental examinations, scale and clean and fluoride treatments per person annually
  • Nutrition/ dietetics, psychology, exercise physiology, antenatal/ postnatal classes, speech therapy
  • Cover for a broad range of health appliances and maintenance services, including infant sleep schools, allergy-related services, travel vaccines, QUIT courses, crutches, cam boots and C-PAP machines
  • Additional support for extensive travel to attend dental or medical appointments, or in case of school accidents
  • Benefit bonus when combined with hospital cover
  • Unlimited emergency ambulance transports.

Find out all the details and benefit limits for Premier Families Extras with Latrobe. Make sure you read and understand the supporting documentation below.

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What you're covered for

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General dental

Periodic oral exams, scale and clean, fluoride treatments, adhesive restoration (filling 1 surface), xrays, simple tooth extraction and mouthguard.

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Major dental including orthodontics

Crowns, bridgework, dentures and periodontics, and orthodontics (benefits are fixed at the level in which the course of treatment commences and paid over a 3 year period).

Includes a $2,400 lifetime orthodontic limit.

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Spectacles and repairs, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses

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Allied health

Includes cover for group physiotherapy/hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, antenatal and post natal classes, chinese medicine, acupuncture, audiology, myotherapy, osteopathy, nutrition and dietetics, psychology, stress management and counselling, podiatry consultations, podiatry services (including orthotics), chiropractic and massage (with registered provider).

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Other inclusions

Includes cover for pharmaceuticals, travel vaccines, HPV vaccine, QUIT smoking course, nicotine replacement therapy, Travel for outpatient medical specialist and specialist major dental appointments (over 200km round trip), and emergency ambulance (unlimited emergency ambulance transports).

Coverage for health appliances, including; Australian Breastfeeding Association fees, infant sleep school, pharmaceuticals, travel vaccines, immunotherapy (allergy), skin prick test, EpiPen, HPV vaccine, QUIT smoking course, nicotine replacement therapy, travel for outpatient medical specialist and specialist major dental appointments (over 200km round  trip), and top up amount to cover additional extras services required in case of school accident for child dependants.

Important Information

Waiting periods may apply.

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