It’s a big decision to choose your private health insurer. One of the big differences between funds in Australia is some are not-for-profit and others are owned by shareholders.

For-profit health insurers aim to make a profit from their products and services for shareholders.

A not-for-profit insurer, like Latrobe Health, aim to provide quality services and health insurance products for its members. Any profit that is made is reinvested back into their members and community health initiatives.

Why choose Latrobe Health – a not-for-profit health insurer?

1 A not-for-profit with a purpose

We care more about the well-being of our members than making a profit from them.

Our focus remains on providing top-quality healthcare and investing any profit made right back into our members and community.

2 Low running costs

Latrobe Health is dedicated to reinvesting any profits back into our members and community.

At Latrobe, we pay approximately 90 cents of every dollar in claims. We keep costs to run the fund as low as possible.

3 Award-winning products

Latrobe Health has a range of award-winning products available to choose from. At competitive prices and with great benefits our not-for-profit approach focuses on meeting the needs of our members.


Switch to Latrobe Health in three simple steps!

By switching to Latrobe Health Services, you align your health insurance with an organisation that genuinely cares about member health and community.


Choose your policy

Compare our products and choose a level of cover that suits you. If you need help, click on the web chat button or call us.

1300 362 144.

We will do the paperwork

When you join Latrobe Health we'll ask you about your current cover and contact your old fund on your behalf to arrange the transfer

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Enjoy the benefits

Once we've got your completed paperwork from your previous health fund, you can use your cover without re-serving wait periods^^.


^^ We recognise any waiting periods you served with your previous health fund. When switching to Latrobe Health on an equivalent or lower level of cover within 30 days of cover end date with old health fund, provided you already served your waiting period. You can use your cover with Latrobe Health after your previous insurer sends us your clearance certificate.




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