In celebration of our partnership with the Shane Warne Legacy Heart Test Campaign, Latrobe Health staff are calling out their favourite iconic cricket moments as the countdown is on for the Boxing Day Test Match.

Maxwell's World Cup

I think the World Cup for Maxi was just outstanding - absolutely the most exciting player to watch when he's in form. He scored the fastest ODI 100 off 40 balls earlier in the tournament and then to score a double century when you come in with the team at 7/91 is incredible. He had to take control of the innings for Australia because he only had the tail end to support him and let's face it bowlers aren't batters! He made the most of his chances after being dropped twice, he fought through muscle cramps and being unable to run between the wickets at the end. He saved Australia from certain defeat and sent us into the semi-finals. – Sally

Check out Maxwells iconic moment here.

2005 Cricket Tsunami Appeal

At the 2005 Cricket Tsunami Appeal, Shane Warne wielded his spin magic for a higher cause, rallying the cricketing world to aid Boxing Day victims. This match was a testament to sports unifying power, a beautiful moment in the face of tragedy.  - Leah

Learn more about the here.

One Day World Cup 2023

Australia’s recent win at the One Day World Cup will go down in history as one of the greatest moments in cricket. Travis Head’s innings was a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget. - Heather

Hear more about Travis Head's spectacular innings here.

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My first introduction to cricket

I remember when I was about 8 years old, my grandparents asked if I wanted to join in on the local 'Milo Cricket' program. I remember getting into the car on what I'm sure was a 30+ degree day, and getting a slight burn from the seat buckle. I got to the Cricket Club, had no idea what to expect and was given a hat (bucket hat of course!) and some gloves and pretty much told to catch the ball and throw it back to the person behind the wickets. I was a terrible fielder, but when it was my turn to bowl I remember at first 'throwing' the ball, not 'bowling it' and then being shown how to hold it properly and bowl correctly. My first ever 'proper' bowl, I managed to hit the stumps and get the batter out! I was so shocked, I actually thought I hadn't followed the rules! - Josh

Lyon's 500th test wicket

Nathan Lyon taking his 500th test wicket just last week was pretty special! - Chloe

See the special moment here.

Waugh's last ball century 

Got to be one of the best 'Captain's Knocks' that you'll ever see. Typified Steve 'Tugga' Waugh as a competitor. Back against the wall, under pressure, against the 'enemy' and on the last ball of the day. The crowd went wild and I still remember hearing people honk their car horns as they heard it on their car radios. I also remember they didn't dare cut to the news before we found out if he got it or not. Fierce mental fortitude that guy! – Scott

Watch Waugh's last ball century here.

1992 World Cup

The 1992 World cup is a memorable final at MCG was a special event as Pakistan won the world cup at the MCG. It was jam packed event with 97K supporters. – Nabeel

Find out more about the 1992 World Cup here.

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