Member for Morwell, Russell Northe, this week toured the $16m redevelopment underway at Maryvale Private Hospital.

The redevelopment, funded by Gippslands not-for-profit health insurer, Latrobe Health Services, is set to improve patient experience and expand services and options available to Gippslanders locally.

Latrobe Health Services Board Chair, Ormond Pearson, said as Gippsland’s only private acute medical and surgical hospital, the redevelopment would mean Gippslanders would be able to receive services and surgeries much closer to home.

Lee Garwood, CEO of Maryvale Private Hospital commented; “Managing our health can be a stressful experience, the last thing people need after surgery is to add extensive travel onto the experience.”

“We’re excited that through this redevelopment and expansion of services, Maryvale Private Hospital will be able to look after more patients and provide more surgery options for Gippslander’s – with the choice of having care closer to home,” continued Mr Garwood.

Mr Northe, who toured the redevelopment said, "It was a pleasure to recently visit Maryvale Private Hospital and catch up with the dedicated team and hear about some of the exciting initiatives the hospital is currently undertaking.”

“Expansion of Maryvale Private Hospital inclusive of two additional operating theatres and 19 new beds are crucial in catering for the current and future health needs of Gippsland individuals and families.”

Speaking to the current health pressures within the community Mr Northe continued, “We are well versed on the pressures and challenges our public health system faces and it really is a blessing that our community has such a well-respected private hospital such as Maryvale in our midst. This allows local residents the opportunity to have a choice when it comes to their health needs and ensure high quality health services are provided in a timely manner".

Latrobe Health Services has partnered with API to bring the Gippsland Healthy Hearts Study to the region, with Maryvale Private Hospital the host site for the checks this week. This study is a first of its kind in Australia and aims to sample key heart health indicators of 500 Gippslanders.

“We’re excited to be bringing this study to Gippsland,” said Mr Ian Whitehead, CEO of Latrobe Health Services. “Health checks have been fully booked at Maryvale.”

“During their screening, participants are having some key indicators checked including blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, diabetes risk and non-fasting cholesterol levels.”

Mr Northe met with Dr. Mark Boyes, the associate investigator of the study, to understand the key benefits of regular heart health screenings for Gippslanders and was more than happy to participate in a health check while visiting the hospital.

For more information head over to Maryvale Private Hospital or the Gippsland Healthy Hearts Study.