Latrobe Health Service’s 2020 donation to Anglicare Victoria for frontline family violence services - part of our community response to the Coronavirus pandemic - has helped spark a statewide resourcing increase for families at risk of violence.

Anglicare Victoria used a portion of its $350,000 donation – one of three donations totalling $1M from Latrobe Health to family violence and mental health support agencies – to employ a specialist Children’s Practice Leader for The Orange Door in Inner Gippsland.

According to Anglicare Victoria’s Regional Director of Gippsland Tim Pedlow, the appointment of the Children’s Practice Leader Megan Pavich has been so successful that state government auspiced Family Safety Victoria is now replicating the role across six other The Orange Door sites.

He said Latrobe Health’s donation had been “pivotal in having this role included in The Orange Door model across the state”.

“This is very welcome news as the Children’s Practice Leader has become an essential role within The Orange Door in assessing risk to children, safety planning, accessing therapeutic interventions and strengthening the parent-child relationship.

“Thanks to the incredibly generous donation from Latrobe Health Services in 2020, Anglicare Victoria has been able to provide additional support to local families in Gippsland who have been doing it tough.

“Children, young people and families are at the heart of everything we do at Anglicare Victoria. This past year in particular has brought exceptional challenges to the region, we’re grateful Latrobe Health has given us the means to continue to assist families within our community who are struggling.”

The donation has also been used to provide additional youth mental health services, provide resources for responding to and preventing family violence and employ staff to support children and young people.

Latrobe Health stands with the community

Latrobe Health Services CEO Ian Whitehead said the not-for-profit health fund’s 2020 donation of $1 million in response to the Coronavirus pandemic was helping to change lives.

Aside from the $350,000 donated to Anglicare Victoria last year, another $350,000 went to Quantum Support Services and $300,000 to family service organisation Berry Street.

“It’s heart-warming to see that money turned into real action for people in vulnerable situations,” Ian said.

Latrobe Health prides itself on being ‘the health fund with heart’. That statement is reflected in everything we do, from financial relief for our members worth $8 million during the worst of the pandemic lockdown, to supporting the mental and physical health of the communities in which our members live.

“I’m really grateful to Latrobe Health members who overwhelmingly supported this donation. They are playing a part in breaking the cycle of family violence and guaranteeing a better future for kids within our communities.”

More information

Read more about our 2020 donations or visit Anglicare Victoria’s website for more information about its work with vulnerable families.