Health insurance fund Latrobe Health Services has today donated $75,000 to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) to assist with immediate financial support for Gippsland residents impacted by bushfire.

Latrobe chief executive officer Ian Whitehead also urged other Gippsland businesses to support emergency relief efforts.

“We started out in Gippsland, we’re based in Gippsland and many of our members are residents here,” Mr Whitehead said.

“We feel strongly that we need to offer a helping hand to those in our community who face hardship at this time.

“We hope businesses will join us in supporting relief efforts to deal with and recover from this emergency.”

In addition to the GERF donation, Mr Whitehead said the members-only, not-for-profit private health insurer would directly support fund members impacted by the fires, bringing Latrobe’s total contribution in support of the community and members to an estimated $250,000.

Members impacted by the bushfires will be offered a premium waiver for up to six months under hardship conditions.

In recognition of the incredible efforts of our fire services, members who have fought fires as either Country Fire Authority (Victoria) or Rural Fire Service (NSW) volunteers will have their premiums waived for one month.

 “We ask all our members who have been impacted by this emergency to get in touch and have a chat about how we might be able to help,” Mr Whitehead said.

More information

Members can access more information by phoning 1300 362 144 or email

To make a donation to the GERF, head to