Maryvale Private Hospital , Gippsland’s only private acute medical and surgical hospital, reaches a significant milestone this March, celebrating 30 years of service to the community.

The 46-bed hospital, wholly owned by Latrobe Health Services, has cared for more than 55,000 patients over the three decades and provided more than 151,000 bed days of care.

Ownership and ongoing support of the hospital is part of Latrobe Health’s commitment to improving access to health services for regional communities in particular.

A significant employer for the region, the hospital has employed more than 800 staff and the services of more than 200 accredited medical practitioners since its inception.

Five of the hospital's original employees, pictured with hospital Chief Executive Officer Lee Garwood, were among those who came together to celebrate three decades of care for the community and a slice of birthday cake on Tuesday, 23 March 2021.

Hospital achievements

While COVID-19 precautions have limited the size of the official celebrations, Chief Executive Officer Lee Garwood said the milestone was a reason for the whole of the Gippsland community to celebrate.

“We’re so proud of the hospital’s achievements over the past three decades, including personalised care for more than 55,000 patients.” Mr Garwood said.

“From establishing ourselves as a health care provider of choice for all Gippslanders, to our friendly, highly skilled staff, and our contribution as an employer, we’ve got a lot to celebrate.

“As a provider of clinical placements for the training of nursing and medical students , we’re also contributing to the future of health care in this region.”

Ian Whitehead, CEO of Latrobe Health Services, which established the hospital in 1991, said support for Maryvale Private had always been about improving access to health care services and offering choice for its members and the broader community.

“For Gippslanders to have access to a range of private hospital services, such as weight-loss surgery, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, dental surgery, acute medical care and gynaecology surgery, without having to travel to Melbourne to get the care they need, is a real source of pride for us all at Maryvale Private and Latrobe Health Services.”

About Maryvale Private

Maryvale Private Hospital is a 46-bed acute medical and surgical hospital that’s known for its personalised care and friendly, highly skilled staff. It provides care to the wider Gippsland region and Melbourne, not just the Latrobe Valley.

Maryvale Private’s comprehensive services include weight-loss surgery, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, gynaecological surgery, dental surgery and acute medical care.

The hospital also has specialist physicians who consult at the hospital. Consulting services include respiratory medicine, rheumatology and geriatric care.

The hospital also provides quality palliative care service ensuring patients ‘end-of-life’ experience includes families and loved ones close to home.

More information

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