Latrobe Health Services has announced that it will pay benefits for extras services delivered via telehealth on a permanent basis.

The not-for-profit private health insurer introduced benefits for extras services that are delivered over the phone or via video conferencing at the height of the Coronavirus restrictions. These services included physio, psychology and speech therapy.

“Initially we were keen to make sure our members could continue their treatment without the added worry of putting themselves or their health professionals at risk of Coronavirus infection,” Latrobe Health’s Head of Customer Experience Joanne Nixon said.

“Now, it’s more about helping members access a service that they value. Telehealth has allowed health professionals to effectively come into the comfort of the living rooms of our members and increases access for those who may have had to travel long distances to receive medical services or been in lockdown because of COVID-19.

"We see telehealth as a win not just for members, but for anyone who has found it difficult to access medical services. Of course, it’s not feasible to have everyone seen remotely, but we believe if there is an option for a member to be given first-class treatment without having to travel long distances or leave home, we can only support it.”

Ms Nixon said members had enjoyed the convenience of receiving treatment at home and reduced travel, prompting the shift to a permanent telehealth arrangement.

Latrobe Health decided initially to pay benefits for telehealth consultations from April to September 2020. After a second temporary extension, Latrobe has decided to continue the service indefinitely.

What is covered?

Services that may be delivered via telehealth include psychology, physiotherapy, dietetics, speech pathology, podiatry, counselling, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and osteopathy.

To be eligible for benefits, you must be covered for these services under your existing extras policy.

The service must be undertaken with a registered provider and in accordance with the relevant association’s guidelines.

How to claim

The easiest way to submit your claim for telehealth services is via our mobile app, which you can download from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (simply search for Latrobe Health Services), but you can also email Please allow two days for our team to respond to your message.

More information

For more information about Latrobe Health Services extras, compare our extras covers, or contact us on 1300 362 144.