Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, Latrobe Health Services has provided financial hardship support for members as part of a member support package.

Premium increases, applied every year on 1 April, were deferred for six months until 1 October for all hospital and extras members, providing financial relief to Latrobe Health’s 81,000 members.

The $8M COVID-19 member support package includes:

  • Members on JobKeeper and JobSeeker can apply to have their premium increase deferred until 1 April 2021 (download the JobKeeper/JobSeeker Deferral Application Form)
  • Hardship suspensions or temporarily reduced cover easing the financial burden while still providing cover when they needed it (download the Hardship Application Form)
  • Coverage for extras services delivered via telehealth
  • Cover for Coronavirus-related hospital admissions.

For full details on hardship support and to enquire about eligibility, talk to a member of our team.

Premium increases deferred until 1 April 2021 for members on JobKeeper and JobSeeker

Our members receiving JobSeeker or JobKeeper may be eligible to have the rate increase deferred for an additional six months, until 1 April 2021. (You’ll need to provide documentation to verify you’re eligible.)

Our members can temporarily suspend their membership and won’t have to re-serve waits when they reactivate their membership

We want to help our members who are in financial hardship. If you’ve lost or are on reduced income, you can apply to suspend your membership.

Suspending your membership means you retain your membership but you won’t have to pay premiums for the suspension period.

If you need to go into hospital while your membership is suspended, to make a claim you’ll need to reactivate your membership and pay your premiums once more, but you won’t have to re-serve any waiting periods. The easiest way to sort it out is to give us a call.

Temporary downgrade of cover

The other option to help ease the financial burden is a temporary downgrade of cover – this means you can pay the lower premium and still have cover. If you choose to go back on your higher level of cover at a later date, we won’t ask you to re-serve waits.

If there’s been an increase in premiums on your cover in the time you suspended your membership or downgraded your cover, the higher premiums will apply if you choose to resume your cover.

Our members can access their extras from the comfort of their own home
Since March, Latrobe members with extras have been able to claim benefits for consultations delivered via telephone or video conferencing.

Services covered by telehealth include psychology, physiotherapy, dietetics, speech pathology, podiatry, counselling, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and osteopathy. To be eligible to claim you must be covered for the respective service under your existing extras policy.

When claiming:

  • The invoice/receipt must clearly state the service was a telehealth consultation.
  • The service must be delivered before 31 December 2020.
  • The service must be undertaken with a registered provider and in accordance with the relevant association’s guidelines.

The easiest way to submit your claim is via our mobile app but you can also write or email.

We have provided cover for Coronavirus related admissions irrespective of our members’ level of hospital cover

Our COVID-19 response also ensured all members receive the following benefits if needed:

  • All Coronavirus-related hospital admissions for chest, heart, lung and kidney were included in members’ hospital covers until 1 October 2020, irrespective of level of cover.
  • Excesses and waiting periods have been waived for Coronavirus-related hospital admissions.
  • Maryvale Private Hospital, owned by Latrobe Health, has been made available to support the community and public hospital system in the fight against Coronavirus throughout the crisis.

More information

For more information about how we can support you, please contact our Member Service Centre on 1300 362 144.