In February we communicated to all our members the annual premium increase that was due to take effect on 1 April 2020. Given the escalating economic and health crisis related to Coronavirus that is impacting our members and their communities, we’re going to delay any increase to your premium until 1 October 2020.

By postponing the annual premium increase, we hope we can provide some financial relief to our 84,000 members who trust us with their private health insurance cover. There’s a few other things we’re doing broadly for our members during the Coronavirus pandemic:

    • All Coronavirus-related hospital admissions for chest, heart, lung and kidney will be included in our members’ hospital covers until 1 October 2020, irrespective of level of cover.
    • We’re waiving excesses and waiting periods for Coronavirus-related hospital admissions.
    • Coronavirus-specific hardship conditions have been developed to support our members.
    • We’ve enabled psychology to be a service you can receive via telehealth, and we’re working with the allied health professional industry to get more extras services online and available via telehealth which we hope to announce in coming weeks.
    • Maryvale Private Hospital, which we solely own, has been made available to support the community and public hospital system in the fight against Coronavirus throughout the crisis.

For more information, members are encouraged to ring 1300 362 144 or email

“We’re all in totally unchartered waters, and our first round of announcements are relief measures that our members need right now, such as knowing they’re covered for Coronavirus-related hospitalisation, and that we will waive waits and excesses for Coronavirus-related admissions to hospital,” Mr Whitehead said.“This crisis also presents an opportunity for us to innovate with enabling online service delivery (telehealth) to be covered. It’s likely our expectations of accessing services online will increase beyond the Coronavirus crisis. We’re working through this with our industry bodies and the allied health industry to look at expanding the services our members can access online.

The annual premium increase has been delayed for six months in a bid to provide some financial relief for our 84,000 members who trust us with their private health insurance cover.

Latrobe Health Chief Executive Officer Ian Whitehead also confirmed that all members with a hospital policy will be covered for Coronavirus-related claims, irrespective of the level of hospital cover they have.

“Right now the focus is on alleviating the pressure on our members. Next on our agenda is working through extra supports that the community needs, now and into the recovery of the crisis,” Mr Whitehead said.