Your health is our number one priority. While COVID-19 continues to have a devastating impact on our lives, families, communities and livelihoods, we may be able to provide some financial hardship support to provide some relief.

Current restrictions mean many of our members are unable to work, and if you find yourself in a tough place financially due to loss of income, we’re here for you.

Temporarily suspend your membership and don’t re-serve waits when it’s reactivated

You can apply to suspend your membership for up to six months. Suspending your membership means you retain your membership, but you won’t have to pay premiums for the suspension period.

If you need to go into hospital while your membership is suspended, to make a claim you’ll need to reactivate your membership and recommence paying your premiums, but you won’t have to re-serve any waiting periods. The easiest way to sort it out is to give us a call.

Temporary downgrade of cover

Another option to help ease the financial burden is a temporary downgrade of cover – this means you can pay the lower premium and still have cover. If you choose to go back on your higher level of cover later, we won’t ask you to re-serve waits.

If there’s been an increase in premiums on your cover in the time you suspended your membership or downgraded your cover, the higher premiums will apply if you choose to resume your cover.

You can access extras from home

As a Latrobe member with extras, you can claim benefits for consultations delivered via telephone or video conferencing.

Services covered by telehealth include psychology, physiotherapy, dietetics, speech pathology, podiatry, counselling, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and osteopathy. To be eligible to claim you must be covered for the respective service under your existing extras policy.

When claiming:

  • The invoice/receipt must clearly state the service was a telehealth consultation.
  • The service must be undertaken with a registered provider and in accordance with the relevant association’s guidelines.

How to apply for hardship and support

For full details on hardship support and to enquire about eligibility, talk to a member of our team by calling 1300 362 144 or request a call back by completing this form contact us