Planning a pregnancy? If so, it’s a good time to consider private hospital cover.

Private hospital cover gives you the choice of delivering your baby in a public or private hospital with your choice of doctor. But to do this you need to be sure that your cover includes obstetrics.

Latrobe Health Services Gold hospital insurance provides cover for pregnancy and childbirth. This means you’re covered for in-hospital treatment or investigation of associated conditions - provided you have served your waiting periods.

What’s covered?

A full list of inclusions will be provided in your policy document.

  • Treatment in Australian public hospitals and Participating Private Hospitals – Latrobe has contracts with hundreds of Participating Private Hospitals Australia-wide to ensure your hospital needs are covered;
  • Medical fees – but depending on what your obstetrician and other medical practitioners charge, you may have some out-of-pocket expenses;
  • Labour ward fees;
  • Midwife fees – a benefit of $450 is payable for the attendance of a registered midwife at a birth in a private hospital. The midwife must be in private practice and not employed by the hospital;
  • Multiple births;
  • Treatment of a newborn where they are admitted to a neonatal facility by a paediatrician*;
  • Accommodation, including in a private room (where available);
  • Prostheses.

*See Waiting Periods and Pregnancy below for more information about cover for your baby.

What’s not covered?

  • Antenatal care, including antenatal visits with your obstetrician, birth classes, midwife visits, scans and blood tests;
  • Medications that you are taking prior to admission;
  • Medications that you take home with you on discharge;
  • Telephone calls and personal items such as newspapers while in hospital;
  • Costs associated with your partner staying with you during your hospital admission;
  • Treatment in a non-participating private hospital;
  • Treatment in a private hospital emergency department.

A full list of exclusions will be provided in your policy document.

What related treatments are covered with Gold Hospital?

Fertility treatments

Sometimes, we need a little bit of extra help to get pregnant. Latrobe’s Gold hospital covers provide for fertility treatment or procedures such as egg and sperm retrieval and in vitro fertilisation (IVF). (However, it does not cover you for the cost of hormone injections that are needed to stimulate egg production.)


It’s not something any of us want to think about, but it does provide peace of mind to know that Latrobe’s hospital cover provides cover for in-hospital investigation and treatment in the event of a miscarriage.

Early delivery

Provided you have served your waiting period prior to your estimated due date (as confirmed in writing by your doctor), you will be covered for the delivery of your baby even if your baby is born prematurely. However, pregnancy-related admissions that do not result in delivery are not covered.

After the birth

With Gold hospital family membership, if your baby needs treatment immediately following their birth, they’ll be covered under the clinical category relevant to their condition*.

*See Waiting Periods and Pregnancy below for more information about cover for your baby.

Will I have out-of-pocket expenses?

Depending on your birth experience, you will probably have a number of different medical professionals providing care for you and your child.

Medical fees and charges are not government regulated, so there can be a wide variation in the cost of any particular treatment or service. When doctors charge above the Medicare Benefit Schedule fee, you will have out-of-pocket expenses.

These will probably include out-of-pocket expenses for your:

  • Obstetrician;
  • Anaesthetist, if needed;
  • Paediatrician, if needed;
  • Pathology and radiology, if needed. These services are provided by independent providers and there are likely to be out-of-pocket costs.

To obtain quotes and find out about your out-of-pocket expenses, we recommend you contact your obstetrician. Some key questions are:

  • What hospital do you recommend and is it a Latrobe Participating Private Hospital?
  • Will you send your account directly to Latrobe?
  • What other practitioners will be involved in my treatment? How can I find out about their fees and possible gaps?
  • What fees will you charge me for the expected treatment? Will there be a gap and if so how much?

You may also contact our Member Service Centre on 1300 362 144 for more information about out-of-pocket expenses.

Waiting periods and pregnancy

All health funds apply waiting periods – the amount of time between when you take out hospital cover and when you become eligible to claim. Waiting periods prevent people from joining then immediately claiming and leaving the fund. This protects the remaining fund members, who would have to foot the bill for those claims through increased premiums.

To be covered for the birth of your baby, you will need to take out a Gold membership with Latrobe several months before you get pregnant (you must have cover for at least 12 months prior to your estimated due date, as confirmed by your doctor).

Waiting periods also apply when you upgrade your cover from one that excludes obstetrics to Gold cover.

If you already have Gold singles cover, you will need to upgrade to a family cover at least two months before your due date to ensure your new baby is covered from birth.


With Latrobe Gold cover, you can choose a $500, $750 or $1000 excess. The higher the amount of your excess the lower your premiums, and vice versa.
The excess is the amount you must contribute if and when you make a claim and it’s payable directly to the hospital on admission.

If you are switching from another fund to Latrobe, any excess paid with your previous fund will not count towards your excess obligations with Latrobe.

Next steps

Phone our Member Service Centre on 1300 362 144 to upgrade your cover or for more information about cover for pregnancy and childbirth. Find out more about Latrobe’s Gold hospital cover.