per week.

*Weekly Single Rate with Direct Debit and 25.059% Rebate applied.

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Standard Extras

Designed for those who do not wish to take out a hospital cover. However, if you wish to combine it with a hospital cover, you will receive a bonus upgrade to our Advantage Extras which gives you additional benefits at a lower cost. Compare our range of extras products

For further details on this cover and the information below, please view our health cover brochure.

What you're covered for

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General and major dental

$2,000 combined membership limit
General and major dental $1,000 per person / $2,000 per membership

General dental
Includes diagnostic and preventative services, oral surgery, extractions, endodontics and restorations.
3 month waiting period applies to general dental services

Major dental
Includes crowns, bridgework, dentures & periodontics.
Limits increase over a 4 year period from $300 to a maximum of $1,000 per person
12 month waiting period applies to major dental services

A combined general & major dental limit applies of $1,000 per person / $2,000 per membership.

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up to $1,800
Orthodontics range from $900 to $1,800 per course

Benefits range depending on your years of membership. Benefits are fixed at the level in which the course commences and paid over a 3 year period.

12 month waiting period applies to orthodontic services.

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Optical services

Optical services $135 per person per calendar year

Includes spectacles and repairs, contact lenses and optical prescription sunglasses.

12 month waiting period applies to optical services

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Therapies: a comprehensive range of 12 therapies including chiropractic, physiotherapy and remedial massage
Therapy: Consultation
Chiropractic $19 per consultation
Physiotherapy $22 per consultation
Osteopathy $17 per consultation
Eye therapy $17 per consultation
Occupational therapy $17 per consultation
Speech therapy $17 per consultation
Visiting nurse $17 per consultation
Pharmacy up to $25 per non PBS script
A combined limit applies to these therapies of $300 per person / $600 per membership
Acupuncture $17 per consultation
Audiology $17 per consultation
Dietitian $17 per consultation
Myotherapy $17 per consultation
A personal limit of $300 applies to each of these services

2 month waiting period applies to these therapies

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Other health services

Additional services: a comprehensive range of health services including podiatry, health appliances, hearing aids, psychology, health screening
Service: Benefit
Podiatry and orthotics up to $300 per person
Psychology $50 per consultation
A personal limit of $300 applies to this service
Health screening:
  • mammograms
  • bone density testing
  • mole mapping
$45 per person, with a limit of $45
Health appliances:
  • blood glucose monitor
  • air compressor
  • nebuliser
  • TENS machine
  • CPAP machine
$200, maximum benefit of up to 70% of cost.
A combined limit of $200 per person / $400 per membership, every 3 years
Hearing aid $500 per person, every 5 years
Lymphoedema garments $500 per person, with a limit of $500. Maximum benefit of up to 70% of cost.  
Prostheses (non-surgically implanted) $500 per person, with a limit of $500. Maximum benefit of up to 70% of cost.
Mouthguards $55 per person
Ambulance membership rebate

up to $44
When paid voluntarily, but not as a State tax or levy. Limit 1 family subscription or 2 single subscriptions

2 month waiting period applies to these additional services

Important Information

Waiting periods may apply.