per week.

‚Äč*Price quoted is for Single cover, and includes an Australian Government Rebate of 24.608% with a 0% Lifetime Health Cover Loading.

^Please Note: Rates may vary based on the state or territory you live in.

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Premier Extras

Comprehensive extras cover with our highest level of benefits. This cover has no limits on essential dental services and extensive orthodontics cover.


  • Generous annual benefit limits for a wide range of allied health services, including physio, acupuncture, myotherapy, speech therapy and psychology
  • Cover for optical and health appliances such as C-PAP machines, blood glucose monitors, hearing aids and lymphoedema garments
  • Includes health maintenance services, such as health screenings, and
  • Unlimited emergency ambulance transports.

Find out all the details and benefit limits for Premier Extras with Latrobe. 


What you're covered for

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Dental and major dental

General dental

Description Benefit Annual limits Waiting period
Periodic oral examination $42


No limit


Two months

Scale and clean $75
Simple tooth extraction $84
Adhesive restoration (filling one surface) $80
Mouth guard (supplied by a dentist or dental technician) $80 per person $80 per person


Major Dental

Description Benefit Annual Limit Waiting period
Treatment of acute periodontal infection $55


$1,500 per person


12 months

Bridge pontic - indirect $550
Surgical tooth extraction $140
Full crown veneers $680
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$3,000 lifetime limit


Description Benefit Annual Limit Waiting period
Benefits are fixed at the level in which the course of treatment starts and paid over a three year period Year 1 $0 Year 1  $0 12 months
Year 2 $300 Year 2 $900
Year 3 $400 Year 3 $1,200
Year 4 $500 Year 4 $1,500
Year 5 $600 Year 5 $1,800
Year 6-9 $800 Year 6-9 $2,400
  Year 10+ $3,000
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$250 per person
Description  Benefit Annual limit Waiting period
Spectacles and repairs $250 $250 per person Six months
Contact lenses
Prescription sunglasses
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Allied health

Various limits


Description Benefit Annual Limit Waiting period
Group physiotherapy or hydrotherapy $15 $1,000 combined for both group physio and physio services Two months
Physiotherapy $55


Description Benefit Annual limit Waiting period
Consultation $45 $350 per person Two months
X-ray consultation $80


Service Benefit Annual limit Wait period
Podiatry consultation $30 $600 Two months
Podiatry services (including orthotics) Benefit amount varies, depending on service

Other allied health

Service Benefit limit Annual limit Waiting period
Osteopath consultation $45 $1,000 per person Two months
Acupuncture consultation $34 $1,000 per person
Audiology consultation $65 $1,000 per person
Eye therapy consultation $50 $1,000 per person
Massage (registered provider) $45 $350 per person
Myotherapy consultation $36 $1,000 per person
Nutrition and dietetics consultation $40 $1,000 per person
Occupational therapy consultation $50 $1,000 per person
Speech therapy consultation $60 $1,000 per person
Psychology consultation $80 $450 per person


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Other inclusions

Various limits
Description Benefit Annual limit Waiting period
Emergency ambulance No limit No limit 1 day
Ambulance rebate 100% of paid ambulance subscription Two months
Purchase of blood glucose monitor 90% of charge

$250 total per person every three years

$500 total all appliances per membership every three years

12 months
Air compressor pump
TENS machine
Peak flow monitor
CPAP machine
Bone density testing $75 $75 per person every two years Two months
Mammograms $75
Mole mapping $75
Hearing aid purchase $1,000 $1,000 per person every five years 12 months
Pharmaceuticals - includes most prescribed items not subsidised by the government. Paid after the PBS standard subsidy charge has been deducted. $100 $400 Two months
Purchase of external prostheses 90% of charge $800 per person every three years 12 months
Lymphoedema garments (four per year) 70% of charge $600  
Visiting nurse services provided by an approved private practice $40 $1,000 Two months

Important Information

Waiting periods may apply.