2019 Rate Change

2019 Rate Change

As a proud member owned, not-for-profit health fund, we remain committed to providing value and the long-term sustainability of Latrobe for all our members.

Last year we returned over 90 cents in every premium dollar back to our members as hospital benefits, supporting more than 43,000 hospital episodes. 

This year Latrobe has confirmed an average premium percentage increase of 3.85%, effective 1 April 2019, following approval from the Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt. Although slightly above the industry average increase this year, we have been below the industry average for 10 of the past 13 years and it is our lowest percentage increase since 2008.

The ongoing challenge for Latrobe and all other private health insurers is how to continue to deliver quality health care at an affordable price. As premium increases continue to reflect the rising cost of health care, driven by increased usage and costs within the health system, including increasing doctor’s fees, the growing cost of prostheses and medical equipment, increases in chronic health conditions and the influence of new technologies. 

Latrobe supports the Government's private health insurance reforms. These reforms include discounts for members under the age of 30, the option of a higher excess for members whilst still avoiding the Medicare Levy Surcharge and the classification of products into easy to understand tiers of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic. Latrobe’s previous commitment to value for money and no exclusionary products has resulted in 98% of our members automatically being covered by Gold products.

We will be in touch via mail with the details of any changes that affect you, in the meantime there is nothing you need to do.