Healthy Start Basic Hospital Package

Healthy Start Basic Hospital Package

Healthy Start Basic Hospital Package (code:ST)

By selecting our Healthy Start Basic Hospital Package cover, you will have two levels of hospital cover; public and limited private hospital cover.


What is covered in a public hospital?

You are covered in a public hospital and can choose your own doctor.

Accommodation in a shared room

Covers your room, theatre, intensive care and recovery ward fees, medicines and drugs clinically required as part of your in-patient treatment.
Cover is for a shared room; if you choose a private room, you will pay the extra cost. Otherwise, all your hospital charges will be covered for all procedures.

In-hospital medical gap cover

Medicare pays 75% of the Medicare Benefit Schedule Fee for in-hospital medical charges and Latrobe pays the remaining 25%.

Just Ask!® medical gap cover

Additional medical benefits to reduce or eliminate the gap for in-hospital medical charges higher than the Medicare Benefit Schedule Fee.

Surgically implanted prostheses

All prostheses are covered in accordance with the Commonwealth Prostheses Listing.

What is covered in a private hospital?

You are covered in a shared or private room at a Participating Private Hospital for treatment of injuries directly relating to an accident. You are covered for the treatment of these injuries for up to 6 months from the date of the accident

What is not fully covered in a public hospital?

Treatment not covered by Medicare ie. procedures that do not have a benefit payable under the Medicare Benefit Schedule (refer to default benefits and other limited benefits for further clarification).

What is not fully covered in a private hospital?

Restricted benefits will apply for all other admissions to a private hospital if treatment is not related to an accident and the reason for admission does not meet the criteria above. You will have significant out-of-pocket costs.

Healthy Start Basic Hospital Package: extras cover detail


 Extras cover details

Years of membership

Maximum benefit

Personal limit

Membership limit

 Limited general dental

 Specified items including diagnostics, most
 preventative services, extractions, restorations

1+     - $500 $1000

 Other dental

 Treatment resulting from an accident

- $250 Per accident Per accident

 A combined limit applies to chiropractic and osteopathy


 Initial consultation

- $26 - -

 Subsequent consultations

- $19 - -

 Chiropractic X-rays

- $28 One One

 Initial consultation

- $25 - -

 Subsequent consultations

- $17 - -
 Combined limit: - - $250 $500


 Initial consultation

- $27 - -

 Subsequent consultations

- $22 - -

 Group physiotherapy/hydrotherapy consultation

- $9 per class - -
 Combined limit: - - $300 $600


 Includes spectacles and repairs, contact lenses.
 Excludes sunglasses not containing an optical prescription

- $130 $130 -

 Mouth guards

 Supplied by a dentist or dental technician

- $55 $55 -

 Ambulance subscription rebate

 Limit one family subscription or two single subscriptions when paid voluntarily, but not as a state tax or levy


$22 single




$44 family