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Family Extras

All Extras Covers
All the extras covers available as a single page with applicable rates.

Premier Gold (PG)
The perfect choice if you simply want the very best extras cover. Generous benefits mean you'll often be 100% covered for the cost of the service. With high annual claim limits and no shared limits, Premier Gold really is a first class extras cover.

Premier Silver (PV)
A good fit for those who want a comprehensive yet affordable range of benefits. It includes general and major dental and a full range of lifestyle benefits including Quit smoking course, Naturopathy and Physiotherapy.

Premier (P)
If you don't need hospital cover, but still want a quality extras cover at a manageable price, then Premier is a great option. Best of all, when you are ready to add hospital cover, we'll automatically upgrade you to Premier Plus® as a reward!

Premier Plus® (PP)
Provides cover for a comprehensive range of health care services including major and general dental work, orthodontics, crowns and bridges, optical, physiotherapy, natural therapies, podiatry and much more.
Premier Plus® is available only when packaged with a Latrobe hospital cover of your choice.

Yes, you can have dental cover just by itself, without paying for other cover you don't need or use! Providing benefits for general and major dental services, it's a great specialised cover option. However, if you also want orthodontic cover, we recommend that you look at our Premier Plus® or Premier Gold.

Premier Family (PF)
Why pay for a range of services you might never use? Premier Family provides cover for the day-to-day extras and dental services most commonly needed and is available when packaged with any Latrobe hospital cover.

Family Care (PK) / Family Care Gold (PH)
Family Care is your family’s extras health cover solution as it covers your non student dependants from 18 up to their 25th birthday, providing they are not married or living in a defacto relationship. They may even be living away from home, or earning their own income.

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